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Its that time again that the Domain of Myst located in the San Francisco Bay Area hosted a featured game of the month.

What: Domain of Myst, US SW FGotM
When: Saturday August 13 Lost BBQ and Game 3-730, Requiem 730-12
Where: Union City Library 34007 Alvarado Niles Rd, Union City, CA 94587-4498
Why: Because its awesome to get out and support each others games and mingle with fellow camies.
Who: You, Me, that guy sitting over there with the hat.

Food at the BBQ will be provided by the Domain of Myst, if you have special dietary needs please let me know by Thursday 8/20, Standard, Hamburgers, Hot dogs and beverages. Please feel free to contribute to the bounty, you'll get prestige and it will help ensure everyone gets something to eat. The BBQ and game will be taking place in the park located in the complex where the Library and Police station is located. Consumption of Alcohol at any of our events is strictly prohibited.

The Domain of Myst has been using the Union City Library as our primary gaming site for almost 2 years now w/o being charged any fees, we are asking for a optional donation of $1 or what ever you would like so that we can show the Library our appreciation for the use of their site.

DC Contact: Corissa Hinkley

Lost Teaser

"The King of Summer has declared a feast for the righteous come one come all. There's a backdoor that will lead you to a Hollow behind Fairy Tails 2 - Come for the grand opening of Fairy Tails 2 and stay for the excitement.
The heat of summer is closing in on the Lost of the freehold. Emotions rise as they begin to worry about the loyalists that hold captive their friends. Has hope abandoned the Lost of the Golden Gates? Will you come and rise to your calling? With bated breath the darkness looms on the horizon.

It is coming. "

Please join the Domain of Myst for the Lost FGOTM. This is the culmination of the year long plot by VST Brady Hold. But wait theres more. The IC Feast is real - that's right were having a real BBQ. Please bring Wyrd food items, soda, and whatever. If we get more than 50 people at this event the prestige for bringing the items can be split General/Regional. There will be no cover charge so if you just wanna come and enjoy the food feel free to do so.

VST Contact: Brady Hold


Requiem Teaser

The Imperium of Northern California meets once again, in the Domain of San Francisco. Prince Gracie Mason of the First Estate invites all members of the Imperium and any visitors to come to the fourth Imperial Court session of Imperator Alder Timothy Arden of the First Estate.

VST Contact: Tim Brown


Mage Teaser

To live in the Bay Area as a member of the awakened has always been a cold unforgiving existence, where villains stalk the night and the past comes to haunt you. The old wounds of a time almost forgotten seem to be on the verge of tearing open again, much has happened since the fall of the celestrial ladder in India and the full extent of its damages are yet not known...but soon they will be.

The SW FGotM Awakened game will be taking place on Friday the 28th starting at 8 and ending at 12. Location To be announced.

Please RSVP if you plan on attending the game so I can make appropriate alterations to the games plot to accommodate the number of players at the game. Please do this so I can also send you the "what you know" document that outlines the known history of the mage venue to both those who live in the area and those who do not. When you RSVP please also send me your precasts and a little discription on what your character does and what sort of plot you enjoy so I can make sure everyone can get a little peice of the action that I have in store.

VST Contact: Vern Dorethy


Vern Dorethy
DST Myst
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