Marquisdanbear (marquisdanbear) wrote in bay_area_rpg,

Star Trek Game in East Bay needs Players

 A new Star Trek Role Playing Game is starting up in the east bay. Set 8 years after the Dominion War, it takes place in the new Federation colony between Gorn and Tholian Space. Using the Decipher rules system. We prefer gamers who are interested in plot and character development rather than number crunching. Bring your attitude for adventure, your Starfleet sense of teamwork, your phazer hand, and your desire to find new world, uncover mysteries and, to coin a phrase,boldly go!

We are looking for several players for regular gaming. hopefully on friday or saturday nights but right now we are a bit flexible.

Currently we are either planning of holding events at our place in Lake Merrit near Whole Foods or at Games Of Berkeley or possibly Endgame depending on schedules and availablity.

Please email me any questions.

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