Kevin (jugglervr) wrote in bay_area_rpg,

Not looking for group

Hey. I live in Fremont and work in San Mateo. I might not be your stereotypical gamer because I hate WoW, I never talk about my characters, and the last time I played D&D was 8 years ago. I'm not necessarily looking to play, possibly because I've been soured by munchkins and powergamers. Also, because I prefer to GM but don't have the time.
So, why did I post? well, i guess i'm trying to figure out if I'm all alone or if there are more players who base their feat choices on how they envision the character vs how many sick combos that can abuse the rules with. Players who see a low attribute as a great chance to explore a character quirk. Players who think that Sinbad SHOULD have surrendered to that crossbow in The Seventh Voyage, even though he's in double-digit levels, because crossbows are DANGEROUS! Players who don't feel the need to stay in character through every exchange, but who also don't treat the game like a more complex version of chess.
C'mon now, who's with me? Bonus points if you like rule-tweaking. I'm re-writing the 3.5 hit point system (just in time for 4e, right?) and wouldn't mind some help there either.
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