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Bay Area Role-Players' Journal
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Thursday, August 13th, 2009
9:41 pm
Its that time again that the Domain of Myst located in the San Francisco Bay Area hosted a featured game of the month.

What: Domain of Myst, US SW FGotM
When: Saturday August 13 Lost BBQ and Game 3-730, Requiem 730-12
Where: Union City Library 34007 Alvarado Niles Rd, Union City, CA 94587-4498
Why: Because its awesome to get out and support each others games and mingle with fellow camies.
Who: You, Me, that guy sitting over there with the hat.

Food at the BBQ will be provided by the Domain of Myst, if you have special dietary needs please let me know by Thursday 8/20, Standard, Hamburgers, Hot dogs and beverages. Please feel free to contribute to the bounty, you'll get prestige and it will help ensure everyone gets something to eat. The BBQ and game will be taking place in the park located in the complex where the Library and Police station is located. Consumption of Alcohol at any of our events is strictly prohibited.

The Domain of Myst has been using the Union City Library as our primary gaming site for almost 2 years now w/o being charged any fees, we are asking for a optional donation of $1 or what ever you would like so that we can show the Library our appreciation for the use of their site.

DC Contact: Corissa Hinkley cam.corissa@gmail.com

Lost Teaser

"The King of Summer has declared a feast for the righteous come one come all. There's a backdoor that will lead you to a Hollow behind Fairy Tails 2 - Come for the grand opening of Fairy Tails 2 and stay for the excitement.
The heat of summer is closing in on the Lost of the freehold. Emotions rise as they begin to worry about the loyalists that hold captive their friends. Has hope abandoned the Lost of the Golden Gates? Will you come and rise to your calling? With bated breath the darkness looms on the horizon.

It is coming. "

Please join the Domain of Myst for the Lost FGOTM. This is the culmination of the year long plot by VST Brady Hold. But wait theres more. The IC Feast is real - that's right were having a real BBQ. Please bring Wyrd food items, soda, and whatever. If we get more than 50 people at this event the prestige for bringing the items can be split General/Regional. There will be no cover charge so if you just wanna come and enjoy the food feel free to do so.

VST Contact: Brady Hold bholdcam@gmail.com


Requiem Teaser

The Imperium of Northern California meets once again, in the Domain of San Francisco. Prince Gracie Mason of the First Estate invites all members of the Imperium and any visitors to come to the fourth Imperial Court session of Imperator Alder Timothy Arden of the First Estate.

VST Contact: Tim Brown kromstone@hotmail.com


Mage Teaser

To live in the Bay Area as a member of the awakened has always been a cold unforgiving existence, where villains stalk the night and the past comes to haunt you. The old wounds of a time almost forgotten seem to be on the verge of tearing open again, much has happened since the fall of the celestrial ladder in India and the full extent of its damages are yet not known...but soon they will be.

The SW FGotM Awakened game will be taking place on Friday the 28th starting at 8 and ending at 12. Location To be announced.

Please RSVP if you plan on attending the game so I can make appropriate alterations to the games plot to accommodate the number of players at the game. Please do this so I can also send you the "what you know" document that outlines the known history of the mage venue to both those who live in the area and those who do not. When you RSVP please also send me your precasts and a little discription on what your character does and what sort of plot you enjoy so I can make sure everyone can get a little peice of the action that I have in store.

VST Contact: Vern Dorethy cam.mentor@gmail.com


Vern Dorethy
DST Myst
Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
3:00 pm
Monday, June 1st, 2009
1:53 am
Looking for Players in Fremont
Hey, I'm just checking to see if I can get some interest in some games I'm running. One definitely needs a player, one most likely will, and one may. All of these games are tabletop RPGs, and are in Fremont, CA.

Game 1: Family Ties
Setting: New World of Darkness/Mixed Game
When: Sunday nights, 6 PM to 10 PM, weekly
The idea of this game is that the characters were adopted by a wealthy family all around the same time. Upon reaching the age of majority, they went their separate ways, but came back to honor their adopted parents at the funeral. It was there that the children discovered that each of them had been 'changed' - different encounters led to them becoming different supernatural entities in some way, shape, or form. Now, they've learned al ittle of what their parents were up to, and are investigating San Francisco and its supernatural side while trying to figure out the whole of the family plan.

This game has lost some players due to college (they're heading off to Sacramento, Davis, etc), which is a bit of a commute. We're looking for one (maybe two), and the game is pretty fresh/close to new.

Game 2: TBD
This game hasn't been decided yet.
When" Friday nights, 7PM to ???, bi-weekly.
Still to be chosen, but probably needing one or two more players.

Game 3: Hunter: the Vigil
Setting: New World of Darkness/Hunter
When: Thursday nights, 7PM to 10 PM, weekly
THis is phase two of a two phase Chronicle. It started with the characters as children, took them through a brief story arc that covered about 20 months, and then let them reunite 17 years later. Now, as (mostly) normal humans, they search the streets of Seattle for supernatural threats and for clues to help them solve the muirder of a beloved former teacher.

About me as a GM for long term Chronicles.Collapse )

Anyway, if this might of interest to you, or if you have questions, feel free to respond to this.

Friday, May 29th, 2009
5:10 pm
GOCon 3
Hey everyone (if anyone still reads this.)

GoCon 3 is on July 18th

This is a food drive/charity event - bring canned food (or other similar items) and that's all it takes to get in.

Hope to see you there.
Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
7:29 pm
Is this thing on?
Posting to anyone who might be on this list any more.

DunDraCon is coming up in February, an' I'd like to start planning early. Plus, having only lived in the area about a year now, I haven't managed to meet any gamers as of late. It's a sad existence.

So, if you're interested, respond to this thread, or drop me a line at fangwulf@yahoo.com
Thursday, May 15th, 2008
1:34 pm
Star Trek Game in East Bay needs Players
 A new Star Trek Role Playing Game is starting up in the east bay. Set 8 years after the Dominion War, it takes place in the new Federation colony between Gorn and Tholian Space. Using the Decipher rules system. We prefer gamers who are interested in plot and character development rather than number crunching. Bring your attitude for adventure, your Starfleet sense of teamwork, your phazer hand, and your desire to find new world, uncover mysteries and, to coin a phrase,boldly go!

We are looking for several players for regular gaming. hopefully on friday or saturday nights but right now we are a bit flexible.

Currently we are either planning of holding events at our place in Lake Merrit near Whole Foods or at Games Of Berkeley or possibly Endgame depending on schedules and availablity.

Please email me any questions.

Thursday, February 14th, 2008
7:23 pm
Whoo DunDraCon!
Okay, so this isn't just a push, but a curiosity as to who's in the area, and who's going! I plan on hitting it up on Sunday and Monday.

And for those of you not in the know, here's the link! http://www.dundracon.com/
2:24 pm
Is This Really Too Much To Ask?
I've been searching around the intertubes (and the northeast bay) for a little while and can't find a game I'm interested in playing in. So here's the story. I'm sick of DMing, and I want to play. Specifically, I’d like to play D&D 3.5e, and according to a specific set of circumstances, if that's possible.

I'd like a starting ECL higher than 6. I have a bunch of neat character concepts that require higher leveled games to function or even come into their own.

I'd like a normal-to-high magic setting. Nearly any setting will do because I don't know enough about any of them for my player knowledge to be an issue.

I'd like something around the 40% hack and slash/30% intrigue/30% puzzle solving mark.

I'd like a DM willing to allow a variety of material, ranging from alternative magic systems (Incarnum, Shadowcasting, &c) to third-party material to homebrew (after approval). But I'd also like the DM to be capable of reining in some of the more broken material (wish, gate, DMM, wild shape, &c.) and one who is not afraid to say, "This isn't working/is broken, this is how we fix it."

I'd also like a DM who is willing to continue the game even if--as so often happens in PbP--one or two or three of the players drops off the face of the earth, potentially bringing in new recruits should the need arise.

I'd like to be able to use the grid system to roll stats. I'd like to be able to roll dice without having to ask the DM first.

I'd like a group that has, as a whole, an interest in both RP and mechanics who understands that the two are not mutually exclusive. I'd also like them to have a firm grasp on the English language, be regular posters, and to not be afraid of a little inter-party conflict: people don't always get along.

I'd like an opportunity to develop my characters in-character with other people, with a DM who occasionally needs next-to-no input to the situation because the group is capable enough to actually govern themselves and is invested enough in their character's identity that RPing my character development helps them develop their character too, and vice versa.

I'd like a plot that is both epic and fulfilling, but doesn't feel like it's on rails. It doesn't necessarily have to be saving the world or fighting gods: it could be much smaller scale. Averting an assassination and then discovering and destroying the group responsible would be a welcome fit.

Really, though, I just want to play.

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Thursday, September 20th, 2007
9:37 am
I Wouldn't Mind Finding A Group
Hi, fairly new to this group, but very interested in getting some tabletop action going.  I do play WoW, played UO for years before that and have been rpging with my spawn (all adults now, don't panic) for decades.  Seriously.  Decades.  ::sobs:: I feel old.  Anyway, I'm looking for a group close to me.  I would even be willing to host something.  I have a largish house.  Thanks for listening.
Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
12:26 am
Not looking for group
Hey. I live in Fremont and work in San Mateo. I might not be your stereotypical gamer because I hate WoW, I never talk about my characters, and the last time I played D&D was 8 years ago. I'm not necessarily looking to play, possibly because I've been soured by munchkins and powergamers. Also, because I prefer to GM but don't have the time.
So, why did I post? well, i guess i'm trying to figure out if I'm all alone or if there are more players who base their feat choices on how they envision the character vs how many sick combos that can abuse the rules with. Players who see a low attribute as a great chance to explore a character quirk. Players who think that Sinbad SHOULD have surrendered to that crossbow in The Seventh Voyage, even though he's in double-digit levels, because crossbows are DANGEROUS! Players who don't feel the need to stay in character through every exchange, but who also don't treat the game like a more complex version of chess.
C'mon now, who's with me? Bonus points if you like rule-tweaking. I'm re-writing the 3.5 hit point system (just in time for 4e, right?) and wouldn't mind some help there either.
Friday, August 24th, 2007
3:00 pm
larping goodness for you rpg fans
Just letting anyone who may be intrested in LARPs that there is a CAM - Vampire the requiem game
this Saturday in Union City.

Domain of Myst Requiem Venue

Game On: Saturday 8:00PM 8/25/2007

The Union City library is located at 34007 Alvarado Niles Rd, Union
City CA 94587. A map can be found at http://tinyurl.com/rgc3b.
Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
5:12 pm
Looking For Group!
Heh. Seeking a D&D 3.5, oWoD or nWoD group in the Vallejo area. I can run if required, but I'd prefer to play--since I so infrequently get to do so.
2:16 am
Welcome to Bay Area RPG.  Hopefully, this site will be up and active soon.

But for now, make yourself at home, just don't steal any of the stuff.


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